Aether: air quality and climate change emissions consultants

Aether is a European Consultancy with offices in the UK and Spain specialising in emission inventories, environmental data systems and air quality assessments.  We are committed to bringing the best technical knowledge and data management to enable our clients to make the right decisions and to deliver exceptional services.

Aether consultants have a wealth of experience and a strong international reputation in the field of emissions inventory compilation and review. We work for a wide range of organisations including the UNFCCC, European Commission, European Environment Agency as well as local and national Governments. Our services span planning, preparation, management and review of emissions inventories; data analysis; guidance; tool development and policy support. We also undertake air quality assessment work for property developers and planning consultants.

Emission inventories - why are they important?

An emissions inventory is an account of the amount of pollution released into the environment. This could be an inventory for an entire country or just a small area, consisting of a wide range of pollutants or just a few. A carbon footprint is a very specific type of inventory associated with an individual, household, product or business.

The data in an emissions inventory enables policy makers to prioritise options to reduce emissions and to monitor progress towards emission reduction targets.

What's in a name?

Aether is the Greek air god of the upper atmosphere, responsible for the air breathed by the Gods.