Melanie Hobson Director


My work as co-chair of the UN/ECE TFEIP Projections Expert Panel aims to improve emission projections estimates

Melanie Hobson, Director

Melanie Hobson has over 15 years of experience covering a broad range of expertise across air quality pollutant and greenhouse gas emissions. She works on projects related to local air quality management, air quality pollutant dispersion modelling and national air quality and greenhouse gas emission inventory compilation and projections. Melanie manages Aether’s LAQM and air quality assessment business area.

Work trips have included meetings and co-ordinating emission inventory workshops in the Caribbean, Japan and many European Countries. She is a qualified UNFCCC Annex I inventory reviewer for the energy sector and is a co-chair of the UN/ECE TFEIP Projections Expert Panel, which aims to improve emission projections estimates and to understand the implications for policy. Melanie has also recently managed projects to review and improve QA/QC in energy modelling.

When not at work, Melanie can be found triathlon training, dinghy sailing and attempting to grow fruit and vegetables.

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  • Air pollution dispersion modelling and air quality assessments
  • Review of Local Air Quality Management reports and air quality assessment reports
  • Transport emission calculations
  • Emission projections
  • Project management and co-ordination of teams

Contact me: +44 1865 261 466

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