Alison Pridmore Principal Consultant


My specialism is in transport issues relating to climate change and air quality

Alison Pridmore, Principal Consultant

Alison has over fifteen years' experience relating to transport and sustainable development.  Alison’s specialism is in transport issues relating to climate change and air quality.  This experience includes quantitative modelling and the development and implementation of mitigation opportunities with households, industry and government stakeholders.

Complementing her technical and research knowledge Alison's project management experience encompasses a range of high profile, time critical projects. Alison has provided consultancy support to and managed projects for UK, European Government and other national and international organisations concerned with transport, energy and environmental policy issues.

Prior to joining Aether in 2015, Alison was a Principal Consultant at Ricardo-AEA. Previous projects include:

  • research into the conditions required to facilitate the uptake of alternative transport fuels and technologies to inform the London Low Emission Vehicles Roadmap for Transport for London;
  • consultancy project manager for the Gallagher Review of the Indirect Effects of Biofuels, for the UK Renewable Fuels Agency;
  • project manager on the EU Roadmaps to 2030 project (which involved the development of an on-line tool to help facilitate Cities to introduce sustainable urban transport) for the European Commission.

Alison has an excellent understanding of the role of technical measures (alternative vehicle technologies and fuels) and of behavioural measures (for example mechanisms to facilitate modal shift) in reducing transport emissions and energy use.  Related to this Alison’s PhD examines the role social influence can play in the adoption of new lower emission vehicles. 

In her newly found spare time after completing the PhD she is looking forward to environmental volunteering in local schools, learning Spanish as well as spending more time with friends and family.

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  • evaluation, analysis and appraisal of cost, energy efficiency and emissions of transport technologies and policy options. 
  • modelling/forecasting climate change emissions, the impact of mitigation options,
  • short and longer term scenario development, backcasting and roadmap approaches

Contact me: +44 1865 261 466

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