Georgina Mansell Consultant


I enjoy applying my analytical skills to a range of projects including local authority carbon projections and supporting reviews of national emissions inventories

Georgina Mansell, Consultant

Recently, Georgina has been working on systems for tracking climate change mitigation and adaptation actions and has developed outputs from SharePoint using JavaScript. She has also worked on compiling greenhouse gas emission inventories for local authorities, collating air quality emission factors for modelling systems, and supporting technical reviews of national emissions inventories and projections.

Before joining Aether in 2019, Georgina studied Natural Sciences at the University of Exeter, covering a range of subjects including mathematics, programming, energy and climate. With an interest in science communication, she worked as a facilitator for an online course about climate change in her final year. After graduating in 2017, she stayed at Exeter for the next year working as a research assistant in bioinformatics, developing her skills in data analysis and visualisation.

When she’s not at work, you might see Georgina out at the cinema, seeing live music, or cooking (with varying degrees of success) for her friends and family.

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  • Checking data quality
  • Statistical analysis
  • Data visualisation
  • Programming with R

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