Katrina Young Senior Consultant


I specialise in environmental policies and measures, and the interpretation and analysis of environmental datasets

Katrina Young, Senior Consultant

Katrina specialises in climate policy, emission inventory compilation and analysis of environmental data. She has experience of climate policy analysis through working with the European Environment Agency, Iceland, Ireland, Luxembourg, UK and support to COP22 & 23. Katrina has also led on several projects with UK local authorities following their declarations of climate emergencies, to support them in developing decarbonisation pathways with actions to meet their net zero targets.

Katrina is an internationally recognised Energy expert for GHG and AQ emission inventories. She has first-hand experience of core inventory compilation through working on several national GHG and AQ inventories, and has led the training of several national inventory teams in the energy sector through capacity building projects. Katrina is a UNFCCC qualified Expert Reviewer for the Energy sector and participated as an Energy expert for the 2018 and 2019 NECD reviews of AQ inventories, the 2020 ESD review of GHG inventories, and a 2020 UNFCCC review.

Katrina has managed projects quantifying and evaluating national mitigation policies, and supported countries with the reporting of their Policies and Measures (PaMs) to the EU under the Governance Regulation (and previously under the MMR) and the National Emissions Ceiling Directive (NECD). Katrina also has experience of assessing the wider impacts of mitigation and adaptation actions through co-benefit projects with Guyana and Jersey.

Katrina has been technical lead for numerous projects involving the visualisation of complex environmental data, including interactive pieces on NDCs, GHG inventories and PaMs, allowing the user to explore the data in a transparent and innovative manner. Katrina has project management experience for UK and international projects, and currently manages Aether’s participation in the EEA’s European Topic Centres.

Outside of work Katrina spends her time as a volunteer bike mechanic at a local workshop, paddleboarding, cycling, and hiking in the mountains.

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  • Interpretation, manipulation and analysis of datasets
  • Policies and measures for emissions reductions
  • Clear and concise report writing for technical and general audiences
  • Desk-based research
  • Graphical displays of complex data

Contact me: +44 1865 261 466

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