Tim Williamson Principal Consultant


I have extensive experience of policy development in the UK and Europe - key skills are translating complex evidence outputs into policy messages and policy needs into evidence questions

Tim Williamson, Principal Consultant

Tim’s main interest and expertise is in finding pragmatic, evidence based solutions to environmental problems. Most of his career has been spent at the evidence-policy interface and he has strong connections in both communities.  Tim joined Aether in 2016 having worked for many years for Defra, and before that the National Society for Clean Air and Coventry City Council.

Tim has led work developing the evidence base to support Government policy on two complex and high profile areas: air quality and waste and resources. He led multidisciplinary teams covering science, economics, statistics, social and operational research. Tim has extensive experience of environmental policy development in the UK and Europe, translating complex evidence outputs into policy messages and policy needs into evidence questions.

Tim has delivered a series of complex projects delivering the UK’s commitments on air quality and waste monitoring and reporting, providing the evidence base for international negotiations and promoting innovative, policy focussed research. Tim’s work at NSCA provided the opportunity to develop influential guidance on local air quality management during its early implementation and to participate in the EU Clean Air for Europe negotiations.

Tim is a keen road cyclist and consistently disappointed fan of the Ospreys and Wales rugby teams. He enjoys entertaining and cooking, sometimes at the same time.

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  • Air pollution science and policy formation
  • Waste and circular economy policy development
  • Writing innovative and influential guidance
  • Project and team management
  • Collaborative process design and facilitation

Contact me: +44 1865 261 466

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