Lucy Garland Consultant


My work supports consistent reporting of air pollution emissions from large industrial sites across Europe

Lucy Garland, Consultant

Lucy is currently gaining experience across a range of climate change and air quality topics, focusing in particular on emissions from industrial point sources. Past and current projects include:

  • supporting the development of the streamlined reporting of industrial entities under the Industrial Emissions Directive and the European Pollutant Release and Transfer Register with the European Environment Agency; 
  • a review of E-PRTR implementation and guidance; 
  • assessing the current sources and future needs for data on industrial energy demand in the UK;
  • assessing carbon accounting and reporting methods to inform public sector decarbonisation policy; and
  • conducting air quality assessments for property developers.

Priort to joining Aether, Lucy received an MSci in Chemistry from University College London. During her degree she undertook research into CO2 absorption of Metal Organic Frameworks (MOFs) and gained further research experience in electrocatalytic CO2 reduction by thin metal films and dye sensitised solar cells at University of British Columbia. Lucy also has previous experience in industry through her internship in the biomass optimisation and logistics team at Drax Power. Her responsibilities included monitoring of the biomass quality and the analysis undertaken on the biomass as well as a longer-term goal of streamlining and improving the uniformity of the biomass sampling and analysis.

Outside of work Lucy enjoys swimming, singing in a choir and cooking/baking.

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  • Data analysis
  • Reviewing literature
  • Geographical Information Systems
  • ADMS dispersion modelling
  • Data analysis using R scripts

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