Mark Gibbs Principal Consultant


I focus on improving data flows for reporting emissions from industrial point sources

Mark Gibbs, Principal Consultant

Mark has extensive experience in refining and improving web-based emissions reporting systems and in assisting and training industry reporters.  He has developed solutions to handle and review different types of inventory data flows from companies and amongst air quality agencies.  Mark's current work includes supporting the European Environment Agency in reviewing reporting data structures for the E-PRTR and the Industrial Emissions Directive.

Mark worked for 12 years with the Oklahoma Department of Environmental Quality.  His main focus while managing the collection and analysis of data for the State of Oklahoma annual air emissions inventory was on point inventories for industrial sources.  His staff’s compilation of facility attributes, process rates and control configurations, as well as emission amounts, was crucial to supporting the development of air quality management policies and regulations at the state and federal levels.

Mark has fulfilled several national leadership roles in the US emission inventory community, including planning for the merging of air quality pollutant, GHG, and toxics reporting programs.  He chaired the US National Oil & Gas Emissions Committee, a collaboration of public agencies to advance and improve the quality, completeness, and representativeness of oil and gas activities and related emissions.  Mark helped aggregate stakeholder input to refine multiple iterations of a national area emissions estimation tool for this sector.  He also facilitated the development of improved emission factors and activity data for on-shore oil and gas production sites.

In addition, Mark is a passionate advocate for public transit.  He is proud to have played a part in bringing back trams to Oklahoma City after an absence of 70 years.

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  • Industrial point source emissions reporting
  • Improving data flows between different government levels
  • Enhancing QA/QC procedures throughout the emission inventory cycle
  • On-shore oil and gas area emissions inventories
  • Project management and stakeholder co-ordination

Contact me: +44 1865 261 466

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